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Lake Eyasi
Location: Southwest of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Coverage: 1,050 sqkm

Like all other lakes on the Rift Valley, lake Eyasi is a Soda Lake and is filled by one spring - the Sibiti River. Lake Eyasi has been home of the Hadzabe tribe, the Dagota tribe and the Tindiga tribe for more than 10,000 years. The homogenous character of the tribes around the Lake Natron is that they don’t have permanent houses but rather camps which enables them to move around for hunting, as hunting is their main activity and source of food.

On a Lake Natron safari, a firsthand experience on how those indigenous societies live can be guaranteed and even the participation in a morning hunt or a simple trekking with them can be organized. Beneath observing how the last communities of hunters and gatherers in Africa live, the beautiful beaches of the Lake Natron can be enjoyed
Lake Eyasi Maasai fighter
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