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Rongai Route
This route is the only route that approaches Kilimanjaro from the north, near the Kenyan border. The Rongai route is joining the Marangu route at Kibo Camp, then the route descends via the Marangu route.

Due to its complexity, the Rongai route is highly recommended for those who would like a more remote hike and for those who are climbing during the rainy season.

Via the Rongai route, you will manage to climb to the top in 6 days, although it is possible to tailor it to suit your preferences.

Duration: 6 days
Tour Type: Trekking / Mountain Camps

Route Itinerary
Day 1: Rongai Gate / Nalemoru (1950m) - Simba Camp (2650m)
After breakfast in your hotel, you will be transferred to the Nalemoru Gate ready to start your trekking. You walk through dense forest, tropical rainforests and grasslands and wildflowers. Your trekking will lead you to Simba Camp for dinner and accommodation.
Day 2: Simba Camp (2650m) - Kikelewa Caves (3600m)  
After breakfast at Simba Camp, you continue with your trekking. You will walk through a brief section of the barren dunes of the moorland and the heather vegetation zone, which is studded with ethereal, enormous lobelias. The Kibo peak might be visible from this point. There is also a chance that we may spot jackals and the odd buffalo – there is no need to worry as your guide always accompanies you. Your trekking will lead you to Kikelewa Camp for dinner and accommodation.
Day 3: Kikelewa Caves (3600m) - Mawenzi Tarn Camp (4330m)
After breakfast at Kikelewe Camp, you continue with your trekking. You will walk through a short, inclined pasture that leads to an area of wilderness. Your trekking will lead you to Mawenzi Tarn Camp for dinner and accommodation. There is a possibility for small excursions for acclimatisation, but you are likely to spend the rest of the day lounging at the campsite.
Day 4: Mawenzi Tarn Camp (3600m) - Kibo Hut (4700m)
After breakfast at Mawenzi Tarn Camp, you continue with your trekking. You will walk through a desolate site that leads to “The Saddle” – an extensive lunar lava stone landscape that stretches between Mawenzi and Kibo. The journey is complemented by the marvellous views of the towering upper regions of Kilimanjaro. Your trekking will lead you to Kibo Hut for dinner and accommodation.
Day 5: Kibo Hut (4700m)- Uhuru Peak (5895m) - Horombo Hut (3700m)
This is a day where attempts to reach the top point of Kilimanjaro will be made. The attempt begins in the wee hours of the morning while the ice screen is still frozen. This is the longest, most laborious day of the whole trek. The trail consists of a long, sharp slope until we pass the Hans Meyer Cave. At this point, the path transforms into a twisting, single-file lane.

After successfully reaching the peak, you will have time to appreciate the moment of being on top of Africa and taking some souvenir pictures before you start the descent to the Horombo Hut, for a hot, steaming breakfast.
Day 6: Horombo Hut (3700m) - Marangu Gate (1800m)
After breakfast at the Horombo Hut, you will continue to descend towards Marangu gate. The Arona Safari transporting car will be waiting to take you back to your hotel in Moshi or Arusha, depending on your further plans, for a shower and a goodbye meal.
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